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Is There Really Any Rape Epidemic In India

[In this blog, there are many photos attached. Please click open each on a new tab for better viewing and understanding. I know some people would challenge the authenticity of the stats I have given here. They will say "oh!! It is a blog written by someone. What is the authenticity of the statistics"...... because they will find it hard to accept bitter truth. For them, I 
I would say Click here for 2014 NCRB stats and see columns of pages 163 and 166 thoroughly.  Click here for 2015 NCRB stats. See all columns of pages 165 and 168 very carefully.  Click here for 2016 NCRB stats. See columns in pages 148 and 153 very carefully.  Now all these are from NCRB Govt of India site. See the columns related to  Disposal by Police and  Disposal by Court on cases related to Crimes Against Women. See columns depicting number of cases police found false. See columns related to Conviction Rate % in Disposal by Court sections.  ]

 If you are an Indian in regular touch with popular and well circulated news papers, tune to electronic media i.e the TV news channels or brows through media's social media pages ; the things you will get in abundances are Rape , Sexual Molestation, sexual harassment, dowry related violence on wives etc kind of  news.

Sometimes it looks like the media are in competition with each other in bringing these news. Competition is there also in rape story presentation styles, i.e who can present these in how much sensational way!! Thus sometimes it feels like the Indian media solely concentrate on rape news and incidents of "Crimes against women"!!
Thus, with such constant hammering they successfully irritate the society and create rape hysteria, which in turn give rise to inevitable fear about Indian society, misandry and sometimes unrest. But what is the real scene behind these feminism created curtains?? Is there really any rape epidemic in India?? Let's come and see some stats here collected from India Government's National Crime Records Bureau [ NCRB ] . This NCRB report has several chapters to describe all details of several types of crimes in India every year.
One of the chapters is Crime Against Women, which has many pages. The first part describes all details about Police findings, while the second describes all details about Court observation and trial results.
Now here we are going to discuss NCRB reports of three consecutive years 2014, 2015, 2016 on Crimes against women. From this discussions we would try to show how Indian media spread rape hysteria and what is the actual picture. For this analytical discussions we will present some screenshots taken from NCRB website.

See the Police observation part in 2014 report>> Click open the photo full screen and observe thoroughly.
 Watch this table very carefully. During Investigation, the police detects many cases as false. And the rest they find 'genuine' are sent to the court for justice. Mark here!! The Indian media will hardly tell you how many cases police detected as false during investigations. Media will just give society the data of the allegations received by the police!! Which is obviously high and sufficient to create hysteria. 
Now see the Court observation and trial results part of NCRB 2014 report  >> Similarly click on the photo, zoom and watch it very carefully. 

While watching the table carefully, watch the  conviction rate column against several kind of crimes. This is the result after trials are completed of the cases detected 'genuine' , chargesheeted and sent to the courts of law by police for justice. Here also note the strikingly low conviction rate against several crimes against women. That means, after the huge number of cases sent to the courts by police { even after many cases eliminated as false by the police } , very low percentage get convicted finally. That means the rest either get acquittal or discharged by the courts of law. 

Here comes the Police observation report part in 2015 NCRB report. Watch this photo carefully as well. See how many cases police detected false during investigation>>> 
 Well, go through this photo very carefully. Many a cases police detected as false. But from Indian media, you will get mainly the number of cases getting registered with the police. 

Just like the previous 2014 court observation and final trial report, this above photo shows court trial results in India in 2015. See the abysmally low conviction rates here as well. 

Now here see the Police observation part of 2016 NCRB report>>>  
 Watch this photo very carefully as well keeping in mind the same objective with which you observed the previous police observation reports. Try to get something from the photo. 

Now again the above photo shows court trail results on crimes against women in 2017. Watch this photo meticulously. See the lowest conviction rate in India ever!! It is 18.9%!! 

Hope you have observed all the data very carefully. In both Police report and court report parts you can see many cases are being carried forwarded from the previous years, which get summed up with new cases of the respective years. But we are just focusing on the number of cases detected  false by the police and the conviction rates of the respective years. Both the police detected false cases and the court decided convictions are based on total cases investigated by police and the total number of trials completed on a particular year. 

Anyway, Just concentrate on the cases detected false by the police and the conviction rates of the given years. Very low conviction rate naturally explains that majority of the cases referred to courts by the police get acquittals or get discharged by the courts of law. Barring the discharged cases, which get discharged with benefit of doubt, take the acquittal rates. Go to the depth of NCRB report, you see the acquittals are much higher then discharged cases.

Here we have analysed NCRB reports of three years to get you a summery and an idea of India's real picture behind what is projected by media. Media hardly reveal these real  pictures. As we said earlier, they are expert in spreading hysteria by presenting the mounting number of cases registered by the police every year. But seldom reveal what comes out finally. Besides many cases detected false by police, huge number of cases get acquittals from courts making a very low conviction rate.

If sometimes media focus this fact, they just blatantly put the blame on police and judiciary for such huge acquittals and many cases being detected false by the police. But no matter how hard media try, they can't make all the people fool all the time. People with common sense can easily understand that Indian judiciary is not lame enough to acquit criminals in wholesale rate!! Indian police are not lame enough to detect false cases out of all true cases!! Media's behavior is condemnable and enough to rock common people's faith on police and judiciary. 

What else they can do, other than spreading hypothetical notions to safeguard the bitter truth of how wantonly India's lopsided, colonial, open to misuse, Anti-Male laws are being misused against men and how alarmingly false cases are on the rise ; because most of the said media are funded, patronized and controlled  feminist groups. Their behavior tells the tale. Though sometimes media write about men ; here is the example read here. Now watch this photo 
 But what is the use!! If they one day publish men's issue, they publish thousands of feminist articles on the next day, if they get slightest of chance!! 

But to say again, intelligent  people are not fool enough to get carried away with media operated rape hysteria. They understand that huge acquittal aka low convictions are not possible without pouring in of proportionate number of false / frivolous cases against men.  Intelligent people never jumps into conclusion that a crime against woman really happened, just based on the media report. They wait till the end, till final trial gets over and result comes. 

Before we end this blog, we are giving you another pictorial expression of what ideology probably the said media and their patronizers subtly  want to perpetuate!! Click on this picture to open it full screen and read!!!! 


Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Gender Sensitization And Indian Society

Gender.... What does this word mean?? As per OXFORD dictionary , the word means "the grammatical classification of nouns and related words, roughly corresponding to the two sexes and sexlessness - MASCULINE, FEMININE OR NEUTER GENDER" ; But nowadays in reality, we see this word in India, has been taken over by femtards to denote only women. Just keep your six organs active and you will notice how this word 'gender' is being used by femtards. We all know that femtards aka the retard feminists in India, are always opportunists and want Equality at the costs of men, through several one sided, biased, Anti-male laws and government policies. But probably due to some nicety or to hide their ugly misandric faces, they can't directly say " We want lopsided laws/ we want laws and govt policies against men/ we want the society to care for our interests only... let men go to hell" etc..... So they coat these ugly words with that sugar word 'gender' !! Got it?? See, when femtards want one sided , anti- male laws for women, they use sugar coated word "gender sensitive or gender just laws". When they want the society to unconditionally worship women, they use sugar coated word "gender sensitization". Means by virtue of femtards, nowadays only women have 'gender'. Men are nothing..... not even neuter gender 😠 . So in India, men are just disposable objects in the eyes of the femtards. As per them, men should unconditionally worship and respect women, give up right to equality before law for the sake of women, unconditionally support laws and govt policies against men etc 😠  

The people who regularly keep in touch with social media, may have noticed that , through some paid media, a propaganda is going on "Impart Gender Sensitization Program to Children from School Level"!! Well, from the above paragraph you can easily understand what such education on "Gender Sensitization" ( read 'Woman Sensitization')  at school level will mean!! Femtards know well that as soon as they convey their wish to introduce 'Woman Sensitization' educations at school level, fat foreign donations would come flying to India. This is open secret. Anyway, now the question is, will gender sensitization succeed in India? See, they think brainwashing little children ( especially boys) from school levels by teaching them incantations of women worshiping would turn the whole tide towards them. But would that yield the result they desire?? Practical sense says NO. 

Femtards, today you may try your best to brainwash little boys through so called 'Gender Sensitization' aka 'Women Sensitization' educations at school levels .... but when today's nubile boys will grow up as adult men tomorrow and get their eyes open to bitter reality, would there still be that women worshiping incantation in their brains, which they learned during childhood??? NO. Nope. 

Because after attaining adulthood, the men will come to know the following bitter realities on Misandry :- 

  1. They are unsecured even within houses. Any time their wives can make their lives hell using India's all existing faulty, archaic, illogical, grossly one sided, open to misuse, Anti-Husband , Anti-Family criminal laws; e.g IPC 498A, 125 CrPC, Marital Rape (now under D.V Act 2005 but you opportunist femtards are demanding separate lopsided, Anti-Husband criminal law on this). Their house maids may turn their lives hell by implicating them under India's existing biased against men , open to misuse laws on rape or molestation , if the maids are having any evil intentions. Remember, these laws are so draconian and biased against men / husbands, that the accused are treated as guilty when accused!!! Hardly any scope of first line of defense for men. Whereas in many other civilized countries of the world, an accused is considered innocent until or unless proven guilty.  
  2. Due to death of right equality before law, after break up of love relationships, there is high possibility for them getting implicated in rape charges by their girl friends under the ground "rape with the promise of marriage". While they can't put rape or sexual exploitation charges on their girl friends under same ground, when girl friends ditch them after long relationship. There is no such legal provisions for men in India.
  3. At their workplaces, any time they can be accused of 'Sexual Harassment' by their female colleagues. But they have to suffer silently in the hands of abusive female bosses or colleagues. Because unlike similar sane, gender neutral laws in several other 21st century civilized countries , Indian laws on Work Place Sexual Harassment is completely lopsided and biased against men in every way. So there is no provision in Indian laws for male workers to raise voices against evil, abusive female colleagues or bosses. 
  4. On the streets and public places, any trivial disagreement or  even inadvertent body contact with any woman may attract sexual molestation charges if the woman wants so or has bad motive. On the other hand, they can't put same charges on women or raise any voice of protest, even there are intentional psychological, verbal or physical abuses or misbehavior from women at public places or transports. Furthermore, a cry from woman on Indian streets may attract male blood thirsty mobs as white knights to even lynch men. If the mobs do not lynch men, these may act as supporting pillars even for obviously abusive women.   These mobs are products of India's misandric society suffering from rape hysteria. 
  5. They will bury their childhood learnt incantations of 'women sensitization' , when they will come to know that in India, women in positions can easily get away with misandrist comments like 'All Violence Are Male Generated' / 'Boys Are Rejected Maals (objects)' / 'Hubby Means HIV Hazard' / 'Indian Males As A Species Must Be The Ugliest In The World' [ I am not taking anyone's name here. Interested persons can Google the quotes for minute detail ] and no media and social outrage on these. But when any man in position says anything which may sound bitter to the femtards, all ( even Govt funded National Commission for Women) gear up to compel the man to apologize to the nation for 'demeaning women'. None except dedicated mangina would bear with such bias against men. 
  6. They will shun their knowledge on gender sensitization when they will mark misandry culture within Indian media. As soon as a man is accused of rape or sexual molestation based on verbal allegations by any woman, Indian media murder the accused's right to privacy by revealing his name, picture and every detail possible; put him under unethical media trials long before the result of final trial from court of law. But on the other hand, when publishing news on any false rape or molestation, these same media never name or give detail of the culprit false accuser woman, who's rape or molestation claims have been proven false in court of law. Question of giving her picture is far off.
  7. They will forget gender sensitization, when they will know that in India, noose, gallows or death sentence is only reserved for men. But from time immemorial in Indian history not a single woman has been finally sentenced to death or executed , no matter how horrendous her crime might be. Yeah, there are a number of women criminals in death row in India ; none knows whether they will be executed finally!! While even  the US has finally given death penalty to some women criminals. Click here and Here  . Not only the US, many other countries have  finally executed women criminals. Will anyone tolerate such bias in India??? 
  8. Now see misandry in social media. Whenever any news of crime (of any nature e.g. physical assault, Sexual assault, acid attack etc) on men perpetrated by women comes on social media pages or sites of mainstream media, a considerable large number of Indian people put lighter comments, many react with smiley emojis!! But these same people bay for the accused's blood through their comments long before final trials by the courts of law, when Rape news comes on social media. Then these people react with Angry or sad emojis. Furthermore, many misandric rascals comment like "lucky man"/ "lucky boy"/ "he enjoyed the thing" etc, when stories of women on men type Sexual assaults come on social media. Means you can imagine how misandric Indian society is!!!! The society is so male hater, that it can't even understand that, a crime is a crime. No matter committed by which gender. A victim is a victim, whatever be the gender. Crimes have no gender. So if the very society is insensitive to men, how come you expect that your gender sensitization would work wonder?????
  9. Go through NCRB's (National Crime Records Bureau, Govt of India) site very very meticulous attention. You would come to know that huge number of Rape, Sexual molestation cases get acquittals after final trials are over. From 2008 to 2015, in average 70℅ or more is the acquittal rates in such cases. Have you seen any media to depict this side of coin seriously?? No. No Indian media shows serious concerns over escalating false Rape or molestation cases. These media are only expert in creating Rape hysteria by over hyping, over sensitizing rape stories. These media show NCRB's records on numbers and stats of crimes against women based on number of cases filed by women. But hardly they show other side of the coin, that is huge number of  cases finally get acquittal. Even if media discuss the issue, they do it in their own distorted style to appease their bosses aka the femtards. They blame the administration and justice system for such huge acquittal rates aka low conviction rates. But common people understand that such a huge acquittal rate is not possible without pouring in of proportionate number of frivolous cases against men. 
  10. See, as per Indian custom, women can't be arrested by male cops. But there are All Women Police Stations, those can arrest and detain men. Is this gender equality???? 
  11. Awareness on child sexual abuse in going on in India at Govt, NGO and media level. Nowhere possible activities of female pedophile sex offenders are depicted ; be it awareness short film, media article, social media post or anything. Everywhere activities and possible activities of male pedophiles are described or depicted. Thus the already silent crime epidemic, female sex predators are more rapped under cover. Getting shelter under lack of awareness, these female pedophile sex offenders are carrying on their preying on little children...... and their crimes going unreported or under reported. Bad touches by female sex predators on children thus going unnoticed, without attentions. This one way misandric awareness on child sexual abuse not only encouraging female pedophiles, but also hurting the gender neutral essence of Protection Of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012. Such kind of propaganda will create unnecessary hysteria against men. Parents of little children will be afraid of men, with whom their wards may come in contact. Taking advantage of poor awareness, the female pedophiles will get a heaven, which is dangerous!! Some women have been convicted under POCSOA in India till date. But we firmly believe if misandry from child sexual abuse awareness is eliminated and unbiased, logical, neutral, sincere propaganda is taken up, many cases of female sex predators prying on little children will get reported. 
  12. Indian men are deprived of their precious constitution granted Right To Equality Before Law under three main articles 14, 19, 21 of the constitution whenever cases related to Rape, Sexual Harassment, Molestation, Domestic Violence are concerned. All such laws in India are made archaic, ugly draconian, one sided, open to misuse and Anti-Male under the pretext of just one sub-article 15(3) to appease femtards , with deep rooted evil preconceived contemplation - only men are natural sex offenders / wife beaters. Remember, many other (almost 77 countries) 21 century world countries have complete gender neutral, civilized, unbiased laws, legal and justice system. Every one knows that. Even marital sexual abuse laws are gender neutral in those countries.    
sd Listen femtards, in the name of gender sensitization studies, you can earn a lot of foreign donations. But in the long run, your effort to turn the whole tide towards you won't succeed. Because today's boys will grow up tomorrow to be men and naturally come to know about those 12 point misandry in India, I have described above. And their childhood learnt knowledge of gender sensitization will get drained out, unless they aren't dedicated manginas. Your real faces and intentions will get unmasked to them (men). As you want "equality" at the costs of men via biased, lopsided, Anti-Male / Anti-Husband laws, one sided govt policies, will become crystal clear. So gender sensitization will fail. 

If you seriously want eradication of so called 'misogyny', through your gender sensitization training, be practical. First eradicate deep rooted misandry. Remember, the 'misogyny' you see almost everywhere, is nothing but equal and opposite reactions of misandry described above in a nutshell. Just like a bird can't fly with one wing, you can't eradicate 'misogyny' with raging and burning misandry. So be real equality monger rather than being retard, opportunist, cunning, misandrist feminists i.e. femtards. Declare war on evil misandry in India first, at every level. 'Misogyny' will automatically die down. You won't need gender sensitization program.         

Friday, 6 January 2017

Another Presstitute Created Mass Molestation Hysteria In India

 New Years party was going on at midnight 31st December, 2016 all over the world, so as at different cities in India. Thousands of young men and women came out on the streets to celebrate as usual. Suddenly, after two days of the celebration, some Indian media started crying foul claiming "mass molestation" of women during festive hip-hop in posh Bangaluru city. Some presstitutes ( means media those have sold themselves to femtards for cheap gains and TRPs in exchange of spreading hysteria over so called 'crimes against women' and resultant misandry, by unnecessarily over hyping, hyper sensationalizing the  incidents of 'crimes against women') started posting posts after posts in their social media accounts claiming mass molestation of women. The pictures as evidences the presstitutes presented were no solid evidences to prove the said hysterical 'Mass Molestation'!! In this regard see this link click here!! Link 1  . In addition you can also see this. Link 2
Anyway, it is India against men!! Link 3 And slave presstitutes probably to appease their masters aka the femtards have raised hue and cry on 'mass molestation'; so how can the country and it's administration sit idle???  The police administration of Bangaluru has been on tenterhook , as they have to by hook or by crook, nab the MASS 'molesters'. So they started running pillar to post to collect conclusive evidences. Above all midnight party reveler innocent women have got 'mass molested'!!! 
Some presstitutes are now coming in with proofs of 'mass molestation' with just one video they have managed to collect. see one such video link 4 , it clearly shows the incident took place on a deserted lane, with no crowd celebrating. So how come this be the evidence of 'mass molestation' at calibration site?? 

But the hysterical presstitutes are relentless in their trial to keep up the molestation hysteria. On their social media sites, some of them are posting blogs after blogs written by their own writers on this so called 'mass molestation'. For some examples, see this blog!! "Bengaluru now, where next?"....... What a ridiculous blog!! After reading this blog, I seriously wondered about the product this writer's brain is made of!!! ---- He has compared the scantily clad women with ripened fruits and the 'molesters' with parrots!! As per him, if parrot eats up ripened fruit, it is the parrots' fault and not the fruits'. The most moronic logic!! It is nature's rule, it is nature's law that fruits will ripe to be the fodder of parrots. But it is the fruit grower's responsibility to secure the fruits from being eaten up by parrots by covering the fruits with mesh and nets. Here, as the 'fruits' are lively and human beings themselves, i.e. the 'victim' women, so they are supposed to act themselves on their safety, by properly covering and behaving themselves. Furthermore, the writer claims, so many women went to the police with bleeding faces and breasts!! Huh!! What a serious claim!! From where he got this information!!!! So many women with bleeding faces and breasts went to the police and police was saying none came to lodge complaint!!!???  No evidence!! Despite women pouring in police stations with bleeding faces and breasts, police had to search for proofs!! Eh!!
In another blog Bengaluru's moment of shame, the presstitute has demanded strongest action against the 'offenders'..... Long before anything is proved solidly after investigations.
In one of their articles (Bengaluru 'mass molestation' : What we know and what we don't )  one of the media again confirms that none has officially lodged molestation complaints. They also say, police after checking CCTV footage found only that said evidence, the link of the video I have already given. So if many women visited police stations with bleeding faces and breasts, how come none has come forward with complaint?? Great disparity here. Furthermore, why you are only relying on CCTV footage?? If such so called 'mass molestation' has happened, many of the thousand revelers would have recorded the incidents with their high end smart phones and later posted them on social media. Is there any such viral video????????
Only one video all the presstitutes have managed to collect, is presenting to solidify their claim of 'mass molestation'!! If I take it for debate's sake, that the video is real and the girl got molested by two men in a deserted lane; that is just one case of molestation. Can this be presented repeatedly to claim mass molestation??? What is the definition of 'mass molestation'?? As the word 'mass' is there, we would consider at least 100 or more women may have got molested. But none bought solid allegation within two days of the incident!!
We Men's Rights Activists are once bitten twice shy before credulously believing such stories by media. Don't you remember, how these very presstitutes created chaos, spreading hoax rape hysteria claiming 'mass gang rape' during Murthal incident?? Oh!! what a ruckus was created by presstitutes!! Even some courts of law got carried away by presstitute operated rape hysteria!! Took suo moto cognizance. Just like this 'Bangalore mass molestation' during that incident the concerned state police also sprang  into  untiring sleepless actions to nab mass rapists. But finally every thing turned out as hoax and totally zero. Click on this link  for some evidence. During that time also, presstitutes mustered some 'witnesses', who gave verbatim like they saw women en-mass were getting dragged by my men en-mass and getting stripped. But later, that also came out as fake. Yeah!! witnesses cooked up proof!!  

Again I will give you another evidence, that proves no mass molestation took place at Bengaluru. Here is one!! Really!! 45 CCTVs, 2 minutes feed and zero evidence!!  But due to constant pressure and barking from femtards' pet presstitutes, police finally had to find "Credible Evidence"!! Well, we Men's Rights Activists will have to be watchful. If any innocent man gets harassed by police, Men's Rights NGOs must swing into tough action. 

Actually, after success in creating mayhem during Nirbhya incident, the presstitutes have made this rape/gang rape/ molestation hoaxes as cheap TRP and femtard affection earning materials. Presstitutes' faces have burned, after hypothetical "Murthal gang rape" hysteria flopped and now none is coming as 'victim' in Bengaluru case.  Though in Bengaluru case, the presstitutes are trying their best to collect eye witness verbatim, why should we blindly believe what they are saying?? Unless solid proof we get?? During Murthal case, witnesses' verbatim came out as cooked up (see link already given). Unless very solid evidences are produced, we will consider the whole story as fem-rascal-faggots and their slave presstitutes' conspiracy against Indian men. I can smell a rat here. Probably, the indigenous fem-faggots and their counter parts abroad are trying to get India one or more Anti-Men legislation. So they made up Murthal story and now Bangaluru. They think, they will succeed again, like Nirbhya time, when they successfully made the then lame Govt of India to drop gender neutrality and suo moto punishment clauses for false accusations from rape laws amendment in 2013. 

See another laughter inducing article Bangalore molestation incident : Why did no one file a complaint ?  !! The presstitutes are now hellbent to save their own faces!! I wonder, why do they still think common people so credulous and fool!! hey presstitutes don't try to make a full on us!! You said it was "mass molestation" ...... remember?? Well "mass" means numerous!! means numerous women got molested. And still none brought a complaint!! Is this credible???? And the reasons, you have shown in your article for victims' being silent, are totally ridiculous. Are modern party popper Bangalore women so inapt to get suppressed by these factors like rural women, you are explaining??? If these factors matter to women, why are there brimful of false & frivolous rape , sexual harassment and dowry cases in NCRB report????
Huge acquittal percentages in the said cases prove how wantonly such laws are being misused!! Got my point??? Listen, your faces have burnt. So now take shelter at rat holes after begging mercy to Indian men. Why are you still trying to safe guard yourselves?? 
Remember, presstitutes, you first used the word "Mass Molestation" like in Murthal case you used the words "Mass Gang rape". So now it should be your responsibility to collect at least 100 solid evidences of molestation from the very place of occurrence to justify the word "Mass" you have used. Only one or two scattered evidence won't break the ice. We Men's Rights Groups demand this time if finally no solid evidence of "mass molestation" can't be produced, all the journalists, reporters, and editors (responsible for collection of news items) should be harshly prosecuted. Enough is enough. Journos responsible for Murthal gang rape hoax was not punished!! This is sad I personally think. Because  if such journos are let go this way, further media will get encouragement in spreading such hoaxes  and create resultant turmoil and toxic Misandry to the society. Oho!! last but not the least!! See what National Commission of Women is doing now!! Yeah!! Some male politicians have expressed their thoughts over thos 'molestation' incident, which this NCW has found very offensive. So NCW is now seeking apology and explanation from the male politicians. Hummmmmmm!! Where was NCW hiding, when some women politicians and self proclaimed female celebrities made nasty, sexist, derogatory comments on men like "All Violence Are Male Generated"/ "Hubby Means HIV Hazard"/ "Indian Males Are Ugliest Of The Species"/ "Boys Are Rejected Maals" / "All Men Are Potential Rapists"..... etc!! [Interested persons can Google the quotes for detail. To avoid legal tangle, I am directly divulging the quote makers here] Anyway, men, take lesson from this media concocted molestation hysteria. And from next new year eve follow guidelines described in this very well written thought provoking Blog.  Remember there are fem-rascal operated presstitutes always ready to spread misandry.    

We would have to be cautious. Men's Rights NGOs will have to keep keen watch on the out come of the Bengaluru incident. We apprehend several men may get arrested by police due to compulsion because of constant nagging of femtards' paid, salve presstitutes. In that case, if even one single innocent man gets arrested, harassed by police, Men's rights NGOs must spring into action with all possible legal means.  Enough is enough. Now time to come down harshly on rape hysteria spreader femtards' slave presstitutes. 

DISCLAIMERS : 1) The opinions I have expressed in this blog are solely based on the latest (As on 05/01/2017, 11;40 AM)  media reports to the best of my knowledge. Vide all links I have given. I am a lay man, so I wrote my opinions based on latest media reports. If sometimes even police and courts can take suo moto actions based on media reports, I think I also can write blogs based on Info I got from latest media reports

. 2) If in future anything is solidly proven otherwise beyond doubt (In both Murthal and Bengaluru case) in Courts of laws, at variance with the said latest facts, MY BLOG AND OPINION EXPRESSED HERE WON'T STAND ANY LONGER.  3) All I have written are with full and due respect to courts of law. 4) Yes. My blog may sound  a bit harshly worded. Someone even may tag me 'misogynist'. Well that doesn't bother me. I am an Indian man, always suppressed under loads of one sided, archaic, Anti-men, Pro-Women, gender biased laws and Govt policies. No national commission or ministry for men in biased against men India to protect men's interests, to condemn and take actions against injustices men face from women or femtards. Dawn to dusk presstitutes spreading rape hysteria and obvious but subtle misandry. Presstitutes showing toxic bias against men by not flashing detail on rising oppression on men due to flawed lopsided, misuse prone, biased, anti-men laws and women protected and encouraged by such laws. Presstitutes reveal all detail of sexual crime accused men, long before final trial is over, but hides details of false accuser women. I am fed up and extremely angry with all these. And my reactions are very natural as a male living being of flesh and blood. So I don't feel very much sympathetic to women. 
I will only change my attitude only when India will learn to weigh Articles 14,15,19 and 21 of the constitution and exclude adult women from the ambit of Article 15(3). Means when men will get all rights to equality before law and India's rape, molestation and DV laws will get completely gender neutral. 
I should not be fired for my natural reaction. I have explained above everything!!      

Monday, 3 October 2016

Good Touch Bad Touch And Our Children

Suddenly, we are seeing too much initiative from the India Government's part in teaching the country's children about touches that children face everyday from various persons in the positions of trust. The Government of India has taken initiative to teach children about the natures of touches they face everyday. Children are being shown animated short films produced by the Govt, that teaches them the difference between Good Touch and Bad Touch (sexually colored touch). These short films are being shown to children at school level, as if these are their part of curriculum. I wonder why this sudden initiative!!!! I grue up between mid 70's and early 90's. My contemporary , my sisters, cousins, my friends all grue up between more or less the same period. And none of us were taught such things. And believe me, I have never seen or heard anyone of being sexually abused by any person in the position of trust. But yes, in those times also, news like child rape or child molestation were not unheard of. Some cases definitely got reported. Because, evils of pedophilia were there, as it is now and will be in futureSo were those children who faced such bad lucks, taught about good touch, bad touch through such short films at nubile school years?? Needless to say, never. So how come they were able to recognize sexual abuse on them and report it??? It is natural instinct of every creature, including human children to recognize/ identify differences between love, affections and bad intentions. In our times, we were taught about the fact by our elders naturally. Children who could not directly express what happened to them, used to show abnormality in behavior, from which elders and patents used to take cue and act accordingly. No such special initiative was there with short film showing in schools.

I have watched some of such short films. Every time I watched them, I was taken aback, seeing how regressive, dangerously Anti-Male these short films are!! One of such example is "KOMAL- The animation short film on child sex abuse". Available on YouTube also. Actually in India, the then Govt in 2012, made Protection Of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSOA) completely gender neutral as a result of our (Men's Rights Activists/MRAs) constant pressure for equality. Since then (2012) , as per POCSOA, the female sex predators prying on children can also be accused and prosecuted. Besides male pedophiles. Now this gender Neutral POCSOA is law of the land and everyone should respect this. But in neither of these short films, I can see any depiction of female pedophile predators with the intention of social awareness about this epidemic under wrap!!! Each of these short films projects only men as pedophile sex predators. Thus brainwashing children that only men are monsters, who can be their sexual abusers!!! I can hardly make out why the brainless blobs make such one sided short films to poison children's minds against male gender and thus totally dishonoring the gender neutral essence of POCSOA!!!Not only that, this way the very Govt is paving way for protection of female pedophile sex predators by not awakening the society about their presence!! The female pedophile predators may be less in numbers compared to their male counterparts. But none can deny their existence. There are already some cases in India, where females have been booked for pedophilic attacks on minors. Much awareness will unearth more cases.

Well, in my opinion, all these short films are enough to make tender doughy minds of children paranoid against men. It is not at all unlikely that children will interpret any touch from men as sexual touch!!! Or some crooked adolescent minors may misuse it totally. And in this melee female sex predators will carry on happily with their evil actions remaining unnoticed. 

The most dangerous effect will be on children in the long run. Just like in many cases, nowadays in India, angry and disappointed men are shunning women in distress because of the draconian, ridiculous, barbaric, medieval, Anti-Men  laws women are armed with ; days are not far behind, when men will also start avoiding and abandoning  children as well. Forever gone will be those golden old days, when older men used to hug, kiss and adore children. The days we enjoyed in our childhood. Even near and dear male relatives of children may start avoiding them for fear of getting their affectionate touches interpreted as "Bad Touch". Will that be good for children??? What the "brilliant" moron architects of the said short films will say??? Children's minds are doughy, and we can never predict which child will interpret the short films how!!! If, as apprehended, this opens up another floodgate of false frivolous POCSOA cases against men, as what has already happened due to the said one sided, archaic, illogical, unscientific, Anti-Male rape and sexual harassment laws in women's hands ; in a very short time, every second Indian house will have one or more men accused under Rape law or POCSOA. This will be detrimental for the whole society.     

At last, one question still remains playing in mind. Why these short films totally avoid depiction of female sex predators, their mode of actions, their mode of bad touches, and why these short films are unidirectionally demonizing men only, if there motto is to spread awareness about child sex abuse and POCSOA is gender neutral??? 

The answer may be, the short film makers just want to be in the good eyes of the international and national femtard groups, who fund here in India to promote more femtardism. Femtard means the evil elements available all over the world those take every other opportunity to spread misandry, male hate in the name of "Equality".   

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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Paternity Leave and Indian Men

Again anti-male India is riddling under a raging debate - are fathers, like mothers' maternity leave, eligible for paternity leave?? As we all know, India does not recognize men's constitutional right to equality before law, when it comes to crimes like rape, sexual harassment, domestic violence and other government policies and here women have grabbed whole ministry for them. Every equality men demand in India suffers nasty oppositions from evil powers operating against men. 

Just like this time, when men demanded paternity leave, at a par with maternity leave, even the central minister in charge of WOMEN'S MINISTRY ( Actually, it's official name is Ministry of Women and Child Development under Government of India, but in reality the way it functions, it should be renamed as Women's Ministry. It shows no concern about boy children only works for women and mainly girl children. Their social media posts give such vibe loud and clear. They only know save women and girl children. ) openly said that paternity leave will be a HOLIDAY for fathers. Means she wanted to say, if paternity leave is granted to men, they will misuse it as just another holiday!!! So she suggests men to use their due sick leaves to use as paternity leave. That means women are entitled to acquire 6 months paid maternity leave form their service, apart from due sick leaves. 
But men if use up all due sick leaves as paternity leave, will have to suffer no work no pay leaves, if they really suffer illness in future after using up all sick leaves as paternity leave. What a mean women pampering at the costs of men!!!!! Meanwhile, in other civilized countries of the world, where gender neutrality is held high, paternity leave is already there.  

This sexist against men remark form the minister sparked natural out rage among Men's Rights Activists in social media. And several other electronic media picked up the scent and started holding live debates on the issue. 
One of such debates I was watching on one of the national English news TV channels of India. Of the participants, there were one renowned lady Men's Rights Activists of India and one renowned social activist , in support of parental leave. And there was a notorious, mean minded, opportunist feminazi  on the other side with some of her followers to oppose parental leave for men. Through out the debate session, the said feminazi was howling, claiming 'It is a reality that Indian men misuse parental leave as just another holiday'. All her logic was so ridiculous and moronic, that even the anchor of the debate, who also generally acts as feminazis' stooge Mangina, started showing astonishment!! 

Anyway, I felt utterly astonished. These feminazis and the Woman's ministry start smelling 'misuse' whenever men demand equality. I have been watching this nature of them since 2013 criminal law amendment. When men demanded gender neutral rape laws, these opportunist elements started foreseeing , men would misuse gender neutral rape laws to create pressure on women victims. But in reality, the countries where rape laws are gender neutral, not a single news is heard where men have misused rape laws against women. Rather even in those countries, it is women who misuse rape laws against men. 

Anyway, the pathetic, narrow minded feminazis of India, could not smell misuse, when Women's Ministry of India granted Workplace Sexual Harassment accuser women 90 days paid leave at the costs of men. They deliberately didn't foresee that cunning, sly vixen type women may misuse this scheme to blackmail and falsely implicate their target men on one hand and to get 90 days paid leave for free based on a mere allegation ; without fear of severe punishment if proven false on the other hand. They deliberately don't see the reality that bad women are wantonly playing with existing lame anti-male, lopsided, pro-women  laws.  

Day by day Indian misandry is stooping to brand new lows. Let us see where it ends. As rule of nature, every evil must embrace painful end.             

Friday, 22 July 2016

Government Of India You must Help Trolled Men

Now to add one more peak to existing and steadily rising mountain of anti-male laws in India, the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India,( WCD ministry) i.e women's own ministry is now planning to bring yet another one sided, pro-women, anti-men law. The Anti Trolling act. Under this act, only men will be punishable for "abusing", "trolling" women online. As announced by the said WCD ministry, under this new act, any woman can just send an email with subject 'I am trolled help' or #IamTrolledHelp to India's Women's Minister (Minister in charge, WCD ministry) and immediately the minister will take action against the accused man. Well, but we Men's Rights Activists, after coming to know about this development, warned the feminazi society of India, that, in #IndiaAgainstMen, we may not have our own bagged ministry, we men may not have laws for men, to protect ourselves from all kind of physical, mental abuses from women, but of course we have gender neutral Cyber Laws of the land. And if this anti trolling act comes only for women, we men will show absolute Zero Mercy To Women, Who Abuse Men Online.      We advice Indian men the following :- 

  • Be stern, iron roving hand, head strong,  and unforgiving to any woman who would use abusive, slang language against men online/on social media.
  • At first place, go to the cyber police, taking resort to gender neutral cyber laws, the moment you feel any woman has humiliated/trolled/monitored you online/ on social media, used abusive language and slang against you.
  • In case the cyber police don't want to accept your case, immediately knock the door of the court of law and make police act according to your allegation. 
  • Don't entertain any disagreement, debate from women on social media, if their language sound  bad and foulmouthed. Just randomly block such women.
  • Never entertain any friend/follow requests on social media form women you don't know or don't have mutual friends with. You may get trapped. 
Thus being so strong and unforgiving to errant women, let feminazi society understand that "good old"  #HeForShe kind of chivalrous worthless #Manginas are gradually weaning and real masculine men are emerging. 
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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Do Indian Men's Rights Activists Really Troll National Policy For Women

In Anti-Male India aka #IndiaAgainstMen, ( Why I am calling so? Read my other blog posts at this site and you will get the answer!!!) , the Ministry for Women and Child development, Government of India, periodically makes and revises National Policy For Women. Those who will read my other blogs, naturally understand, what such policies can be!! Yes you have got it right. Several Government policies for women at the costs of men promoted by the said ministry. 
Since India, unlike many other 21st century countries of the world [ where all laws are Complete Gender Neutral ],  is still under the grip of archaic, ridiculous, lopsided, pro-women, Anti-Men laws for offences like Rape, Sexual Harassment and Domestic Violence (DV) ; naturally sees steep spurt in Men's Rights Movements (MRM). It is very natural, that, Men's Rights Activists (MRAs) will demand their constitutional rights to EQUALITY BEFORE LAW whenever the above said crimes are concerned. But those unscientific, illogical  laws in India, totally at variance with other 21 st century countries of the world,  treat women as SWEET LITTLE INNOCENT ANGLES, who can't sexually harass, abuse men, can't initiate Domestic Violence, can't beat husbands. Hence, men in India, can't bring rape/sexual harassment/DV charges against women or report such crimes on then due to dearth of complete gender neutral laws. So cases of women on men type of sexual crimes go 100% unreported in India, and none knows what % of men are facing crimes against them organised by women. No data , media report available on this crimes spreading like hidden tentacles.But if India had modern gender neutral laws, we would have some data / stats on this. As men would have been able to report crimes against them by women. 

From the above two paragraphs, now it is obvious, how cunningly and viciously these Indian laws have been drafted!! So that it seems, in India,  only women get raped,  tortured in domestic ambiance  and the 'monsters' behind all these are men. The said flawed Indian laws, not only shield female sex predators and husband beaters, but also encourage debauched evil women to toy with these laws fearlessly , means misuse these against men wantonly ; as the illogical laws are devoid of suo moto punishment clauses to deter false accusers . See, go for the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data!!! The acquittal rates in all cases like rape, sexual harassment and DV are to cross the limit of sky!! 80% - 90% acquittal rates!! I recently filed one Right To Information Application with NCRB, and that revealed the truth that 75% of Rape and Molestation cases see acquittals in average, whereas it is 80% for DV/Dowry cases. By this time the figure may have crossed 80%!!!!  Though opportunist, mean, narrow minded feminazis try to cover up this bitter truth with other lame excuses, like "laxity in administration, court proceedings, investigation" etc. But  fire of truth can't   be buried under ash of nonsense. Everyone with common sense understands, that those "laxity" can't solely be blamed for such very huge acquittal rates. For those "laxity", some acquittals may erroneously result, but NEVER UP TO THIS MAGNITUDE. Only wanton misuse of the Anti-Men laws will result in to this level of acquittal rates.

Now to add to all those negative and evil forces against men, there are feminazis' slave #Presstitutes in India. These elements, are always hellbent in  collecting rape, sexual harassment and DV stories day in and day out. Serve the stories to the nation with most over hyped, inflammatory ways ; so that subtle misandry and Rape Hysteria are created and they in turn get affectionate patting and "Dog Biscuit remunerations" from their masters, the feminazis.
But for fear of getting scolded, these worst feminazis' pet #Presstitutes never reveal the fact of wanton misuse of those women-centric , anti-male laws with the logic I have mentioned in above paragraphs. Means they hardly depicts other side of the coin. So, Indian society easily gets brainwashed and the falsity is perpetuated that crimes against women are 'escalating', and Indian women are still far behind from "equality"!!! Thus feminazis' thurst for illusive "Equality" is forever kept alive, which virtually none can quench. Finally that good old proverb applies - The more and more one gets, the more, more , more and more one wants, appetite for getting and taking never feds away.   
Thus feminazi business goes on behind all such above mentioned tricks and vicious cycles. False vague stats on crime against women continues by virtue of the flawed open to misuse Anti-Men laws ; foreign 'sympathy' and funds for women developments keep pouring in, which are utilized/expended  to draft more and more anti-male laws and policies and to pay the pet #Presstitutes to encourage them to spread misandry and rape hysteria. 

Anyway, the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Govt of India, is Anti-Male in real sense. I think, it should be renamed as Ministry of Women and Girl Child Development, for it's excessive fondness for girl children, obvious in it's social media posts . It has recently promoted a cartoon short film KOMAL, to raise awareness on child sexual abuse. In that film, killing the gender neutral essence of Protection Of Children from Sexual Offences Act, (POCSOA) the ministry has projected only men as pedophile predators. Thus totally given safe citadel to female pedophile sex predators, by keeping the society dark regarding presence of female pedophiles. Whereas the POCSOA is gender neutral and supposed to take on female sex predators as well. Anyway, now this Ministry WCD has made National Policy For Women, 2016. Seeing it's many ridiculous pro-women policies, made totally at the costs of men, the Men's Rights Activists naturally retorted , protested with unbeatable logic. And this bitter truth gives heart burns and body blisters to the opportunist, cunning , sly feminazis. So the feminazis are now howling fowl. These anti-male opportunist elements are now accusing Men's rights activists of "trolling"(??!!) National Women's Policy. Some narrow and ugly minded feminazis have accused MRAs as Privilege seekers. Who cares!!! They can't make all the people fool all the times. People don't eat grass. They have some grey matters in their skulls, that help them understand, who are privilege seekers in reality.

  • why these feminazis, like poor pitiable creatures opposed complete gender neutral rape and sexual harassment laws during Criminal Law Amendment 2013?? Why did these lairs wanted the privilege of one sided , illogical , colonial anti-male laws??? If their counterparts in many countries of the world, including many African countries and Brazil are okay with complete gender neutral laws, what is their problem??? Worst liar privilege mongers!!!!!!
  • Why do these parasitic feminazis give the word "Equality" a meaning of  living at the costs of men, via all those biased against men laws and Govt policies in India??? Poor double standards!!!
Why did these feminazis opposed suo moto punishment clauses in rape molestation laws for false accusations ?? To provide privilege to the debauched females who toy with anti-men laws??? To felicitate fake cases, so that false stats on crime against women escalates and their vicious feminazi business can thrive??? All the other countries of the world have suo moto punishment clauses in their rape laws to punish fake accusers. So what was the problem with these privilege beggars???                                                                                                                                                                         Well, whatever they howl, the men's rights activists will keep their movement going, with steadily increasing momentum. Actually these brainless feminazis, are digging their own grave. Actually, these MRAs in India, are none but the feminazis' own inevitable mirror image. With more and more brand new anti-male policies and laws, they are fueling and stoking the equal and opposite reactions called MRM. If they ( the blunt headed feminazis) had a little brain, they wouldn't have forcefully deny wanton misuse of the laws against men, rather they would have come to the reality and accept the truth.

Now, I want these points to be included in National Policy for Women:-
  1. Make Indian rape and Sexual Harassment laws complete gender neutral to uphold the sprite of Equality. Furthermore, such complete gender neutral laws are necessary for women to report same sex nasty touch, stare, unwanted advance etc. Yes, women must be protected form female sex predators as well. [ here I say, the pathetic  feminazis, those opposed gender neutral rape laws during criminal laws amendment in 2013, are total misogynists. Loosing their sense while waring against men, by promoting flawed law against men, they have actually put women in dangers of same sex sexual attacks ]
  2. Make periodical survey in the country's female jails. Take report on female on female sexual assaults among inmates. And do the needful to protect women from same sex assaults. 
  3. For women's sake, bring in strong suo moto punishment clauses in current rape laws. So that women are deterred from toying with anti-male, one sided laws. If misuse is checked, men and women will not see each other as enemies. And men will stand by women in distress.
  4. Fully utilize the money from 'Nirbhaya Fund'. Install very high end CCTV cameras, with detail capturing ability, in every nook and corner in India. In all lamp posts, all flyovers, subways, railway stations, all private and public transports....... everywhere. YES, THIS WILL ACTUALLY SAVE MEN FROM GETTING FALSELY ACCUSED OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT IN STREETS. MEN WILL GET SOME VALUABLE EVIDENCES TO SAFEGUARD THEMSELVES IF ACCUSED.
  5. Every time, Panic Button for women on mobile phones will get misused, the Govt will have to compensate the falsely accused men with money and moral boost and support.  
 P.S- Hey, feminazis, your days are fast coming to an end. It is the rule of history. Every excess naturally comes to an end. Don't expect an ocean of chivalrous manginas to be at the receiving end for whatever you do or say. Days are fast changing. and Men's Rights Movements are fast gathering momentum. And yes, don't try to exploit chivalrous instinct of men.     

This blog is mainly strongly worded against the anti-male feminazis and feminazism culture with mild criticism against M/o WCD. This blog mainly attacks feminazism, feminazi mentality, not any Ministry or person concern, it has only mildly criticized some actions of the said ministry.